- My Enterprise is interested in coming to Berlin and participating in the Fair Trade Summit. Does the ticket guarantee access to one person or to different people representing the Enterprise?

The ticket guarantees the entrance to the Berlin Summit activities to just one person.

- I am not a WFTO Member but I would like to come to the Summit. Does the ticket for non-WFTO members grant access to all the Summit activities?
Yes, by purchasing your 1 day or 3 day ticket you will have access to all the activities that will take place during that time frame.

- My Enterprise would like to come to the Berlin Summit but we are not sure we can finance our own tickets. Can you support us?
With the funding obtained in the WFTO crowdfunding campaign, we have made available 59 free tickets for Guaranteed Members. Members are welcome to submit their application for free tickets through this form, where you can also find the requirements to be considered. Deadline to submit your application is 12 June 2022.

- Do tickets include accommodations and travel costs?
No, as the ticket price covers only the access to the Summit activities. However, please note that WFTO has reserved a number of beds in the hotels near the Summit location (listed here), which can be booked by attendees. Please note that the numbers of available rooms are limited, so we encourage members to make their own reservation as soon as possible. 

- To come to Berlin I need to apply for a VISA. Who can I contact for an Invitation Letter?
Please send us an email at k.frank@forum-fairer-handel.de. Note that the VISA application process might take longer than usual, so make sure that you apply on time.

- My Enterprise would like to join the Fair Trade Fair. Are the booths included in the ticket price?
The price of the booths are not included in the ticket price. If you are interested in joining the Fair Trade Fair, please contact us at summit@wfto.com. Note that the deadline to submit your application is 15 June 2022. 

- I have never been to Berlin. Can you give me more information about the payment system and transportation in Germany?
Please check our dedicated page here.

If you still have questions, please contact us at summit@wfto.com